Search Virtual Assistant Jobs

Just a quick note that you can now search and apply for jobs easily from your mobile phone!
On How to Search: On Job Titles, if the job title says - US, this means that the job is Nationwide, so anyone in the US can apply. If the Job Title mentions a particular city/state - this means you need to live in the area for training or meetings, but can still work from home.
On Job Search Functions - if you wish to view all jobs - do not select anything and press the submit button and this will bring up all jobs. Or if you wish to just view the latest jobs, or a specific category, you can select this from the drop down menu.
Saved Searches: You can also search by keywords, and Save the Search for later use. Just click Save the Search, and then when you return to your account, you can just click on Saved Search and click the Run to generate new jobs matching your search.
Note: Don't select a city/state if you want to pull up all jobs that hire nationwide as you will miss these jobs. See above note on How to Search.