Good Communication Skills

6/29/2016 Karen Repoli


Good Communication Is Essential For Your Home Business

Every aspect of your work at home business relies on your communication. This includes:

·        Your business plan

·        sales copy

·        e-mails

·        website

·        phone calls

·        your marketing plan

And, even more importantly, your customers. How important are your clients in your plan for work from home success? How eager are you to meet and exceed the needs of your clients in your online business or home business? How willing are you to improve your communication skills?

Your client's requirements are the same whether you have a work from home business, a brick and mortar store or an internet business. They need to trust you. The number one way to develop that credibility is good communication. Your number one goal is to create a long term association with your customers. To accomplish that you need to communicate to your clients that they are your most important asset.

Communication: A two-way information sharing process which involves one party sending a message that is easily understood by the receiving party.

The key ingredient to good interaction is that the receiver must understand the intent of the speaker. To increase your opportunity for success, you will need good communication skills.

An internet store or a home business provides an opportunity for unlimited amounts of interaction with your customers. They will call you with questions about your products, your shipping costs, your delivery times. They may call you with a complaint, a concern, or a cancellation. You must always be ready to use your communication skills to enhance your relationship with your clients.

Follow the four tips below to improve your communication skills. These concepts can be applied to the written word or to verbal communication. They can be applied to your internet store, your home business or your personal life. The key ingredient is to put yourself in the place of the recipient. How would you respond to the meaning of your words?

Be Reassuring

The intent of your words is to give confidence to the individual that you are communicating with. You can open wide the road of trust if you articulate that everything will be okay. Think about situations where you were involved and you were unsure about the outcome. How did you feel when you received reassurance? When it was missing, how did you respond? Give your customers the reassurance that they need and they will trust you.

Be Encouraging

The purpose of your communication is to make the listener feel better while you are interacting with them. Give your clients optimism with your written or spoken words. Have you ever dealt with frustration? Did you receive encouragement at that moment? What happened when it was missing? Put yourself in the position of your listener. Use words that encourage and they will rely on you.

Be Respectful

The goal of your message is to convey to your audience that they are an important asset. 

Scenario #1: You are on the phone talking with a representative of a company that you are considering doing business with. The individual makes you feel that you are important to the success of their company. Will you to do business with them?

Scenario #2: You are on the phone with another representative and the tone of the person’s voice conveys annoyance. Will you give them your hard earned money?

Communicate high regard to the person that you are speaking with or that you are writing to. Treat your listener as if the success of your home business is dependent upon them and in turn they will become a life-long customer.

Be Helpful

Your information needs to articulate an attitude of eagerness to satisfy your customers. Communicate this willingness to go the extra mile. How do you feel when a salesperson does everything they can do to make you a satisfied customer? How do you react when the salesperson rushes through the transaction? Where will you take your business? Go above and beyond the call of duty and they will tell their friends about you.

Your communication skills contribute to the success of your online business or your home business. Every positive aspect that you bring to your venture will pave the road to your prosperity for making money online or at home. What will YOU do to make your work at home business successful?

Your own resolution to success is more important than any one thing.

About the Author:

Karen Repoli, is a successful entrepreneur with over 9 years of experience in content marketing and online business systems. She launched her company, HIT Virtual ( in 2007. Her practical, proven systems helps entrepreneurs accomplish their business goals. She is the author of several books, ebooks and white papers. Her blog consistently delivers timely, relevant information to her audience. Karen is the Charleston Internet Business Examiner on, a top 100 website, reaching over 37 million unique visitors a month.

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