Surviving the Zirtual Meltdown - Tips for Virtual Assistants



How to Survive if Your Startup Leaves You Hanging:

Functional Tips for Virtual Assistants


Imagine it; you’ve been working as a virtual assistant for an exciting new startup and things have been going great. You like your work, and the company is doing well - but one day, you grab your morning coffee and sit down at your computer only to find that the company formerly known as your employer has disappeared entirely.


That’s exactly what happened to the 400+ employees of Zirtual. At 1:34 am on Monday morning, August 10th, the virtual assistant startup deleted all of its social media accounts and dissolved completely, leaving hundreds of employees suddenly without a job.


Although this is an extreme case, it’s obvious that being a virtual assistant comes with some inherent risks - namely that the company you work for will fail and leave you hanging.

Although you can’t avoid those risks entirely, you can develop the skills to cope with them if they arise. If you ever find yourself in the position of the Zirtual employees, follow these steps to get back on your feet:


1) Take a Breath

First things first, get your bearings. This is a stressful situation and it will benefit you to take a moment to center yourself. By doing this, you can ensure that your next action (whatever it may be) will be well thought-out and calculated, rather than a desperate leap in an unknown direction.


2) Update Your Resume and Social Media Profiles

After you’ve centered yourself, it’s time to put in some work on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Update both to ensure that they feature all of your most recent job experience and any new skills you may have learned. Once you’ve done this, reach out to your social media networks with the news that you’re looking for a job.


3) Utilize Virtual Assistant Job Sites

Do a quick web search for reputable virtual assistant job boards and take a moment to create a profile. It’s a simple but important action that may help you find new work quickly and easily.


4) Consider Becoming an Independent Contractor

Independent contractors are privy to more jobs than virtual assistants employed by companies. Although independent contractors are subject to different tax rules than employees, they are immune to the instabilities that come with working for volatile startups.


It's ok to feel a little lost right now. But by taking some proactive steps, you can overcome this situation and possibly create an even better future for yourself and your career.

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