Virtual Assistant Employment Articles

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Building a business and client base is tough in any profession or industry. However, building your virtual assistance client base presents a unique challenge.
4/1/2016 Kelley Amstutz
In today’s world almost every company believes in outsourcing. This is due largely to the fact that technology makes it so that there is nothing that cannot be outsourced.
How to Survive if a Startup Leaves You Hanging: Functional Tips for Virtual Assistants
4/22/2015 Molly Smith
With new technology and the need for two income households, Moms and Dads have that option. But, working from home isn’t always as easy as some might imagine...
8/12/2014 Tammy Gravis
If you're going to be a successful virtual assistant, then you absolutely have to be an effective communicator.
7/28/2014 Bernice Poore
In a world where individuals are often defined by their outward appearance or physical agility, there are talented individuals that can surpass the most notable heroes.
7/22/2014 Christina Winsey
If you have worked in corporate America, but you would prefer to work from home, virtual assisting and working from home may be your answer...
7/4/2014 Tammy Gravis
If you are considering being a virtual assistant, it is important for you to understand that not all virtual assistants do the same things or work in the exact same ways.
7/2/2014 Tammy Gravis
So, you think being a virtual assistant could be the perfect job for you?
7/1/2014 Christina Winsey
If you are trying to envision working from home as a virtual assistant you may wonder what a typical day may look like.
6/30/2014 Susan Mershon
Here are 10 things you need for your VA Home Office
6/18/2014 Vanessa FM Jones
A Virtual Assistant has to be amazing. He/she has to perform tasks that are easier done in the office but instead are done in the home office and make sure they are done expeditiously and perfectly.
5/28/2014 Cindy Coulter
Use Your Current Skills to Work From Home