Working and Studying from Home? 3 Tips to Help You Stay Sane!

11/18/2016 James Daniels


If you are working from home as a virtual assistant, it can make for a great opportunity to use some of your free time to study for a degree like an online business administration degree. After all, the things you need to study online are basically the same things you need to work – a reliable computer and internet connection, and a nice working space where you can get on with things.

Doing courses like online business programs can help you run your own freelancing business more effectively, and can allow you to learn new skills that you can offer to your clients, so it makes a lot of sense to study business. However, when you are spending a lot of your time at your PC, either working or studying, it can start to become quite challenging to remain focused and healthy.

Here are three tips for a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle when you are both working and studying at home:

Work to a Schedule

Because everything you do is online, it can be easy to end up switching between work and study rather erratically, or working or studying at strange hours and getting into an unhealthy routine of staying up far too late. To make sure you give each task the focus it needs to be done well and don't end up messing up your body clock, create a schedule that defines when you will work, when you will study, and when you will do neither of those things. Sometimes client demands may cause you to break your schedule, but try as hard as you can to stick to it.

Pay Attention to Your Social Life

It can be easy to end up barely leaving the house when all of the things you have to do for your job and degree are done from home, and this can make you feel lonely and isolated. Make sure you have time in your schedule to see other people, especially if you live on your own. Set up regular lunches with friends or go out in the evening for meals or drinks. Go out and do your shopping instead of buying everything online from home. Even phone calls and online chats with people outside of your coworkers or online college tutors can give you important social contact that will help you feel refreshed and prevent you getting too lonely.

Get Some Exercise Every Day

Working and studying from home can lead to a very sedentary lifestyle if you don't pay attention to it, and this can cause a vast range of problems from weight gain and postural issues that cause pain, through to insomnia. Go to fitness classes or the gym, take regular walks, or even just do some workout videos from YouTube if you don't have time to go out. Aim for at least 30 minutes of proper exercise a day, and get up and move around a bit every hour or so while you are working.

These are three ways to stay sane and healthy when you have to study and work from home.

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