Writing Tips for Virtual Assistants

9/6/2017 Mary Walton
Writing may seem like a skill you left behind in school, but the truth of the matter is that it stays with you wherever you go. Consider that in the world of business, writing emails, notes, invoices, sales reports and other written documents are all part of everyday life. That’s why, as a virtual assistant, having top quality writing skills is essential. To help you brush up on your techniques, here is a list of essential writing tips you need to know.

Keep Things Short & to the Point

When writing, it’s easy to get carried away with what you’re trying to say, ensuring that all your points are covered, and that you’re communicating the message you trying to send. However, it’s important that you always remain on topic and stick to the point.

Your employers won’t want to read a document that’s thousands of words long when it could have been summarized in a few hundred words. Be clear, concise and direct in everything that you write.

Meet Your Deadlines

This may seem like an obvious point to consider, but it’s essential that this writing skill is mastered. This means that throughout your day you need to remain focused and on task. Being a virtual assistant, you get a lot freedom in your work, but it’s worth remembering that working sporadically over fourteen hours is far less efficient than working productively for eight. Being organized will help you manage your workloads much easier.

Mark Dayner, an expert business writer for Elite Assignment Help, states;

“No matter what tool you use to stay organised, whether it’s a diary, a notepad, an app or a calendar, use what works for you. Always remember that one of your main priorities as an assistant is timing of your delivery.”

Define Your Readers

As a virtual assistant, one minute you may be summarizing your boss’s day, the next you could be contacting their clients or customers. Before you start any piece of work, take a moment to consider who you’re writing for and which form of language and tone of voice you should be using.

It goes without saying that customers need to be spoken to professionally and politely with an understanding tone of voice whereas you may be emailing one of your employer’s family members, in which case a friendlier tone may be required.

Take Advantage of Online Tools

Not everybody is born to be able to do everything. When it comes to writing as a virtual assistant, you can make your life easier by using online tools to make your workload more efficient. Here is a list of some of the most helpful.

Easy Word Counter

To help you keep your writing direct and to the point, use this free tool to track your word count in real time.


The level of grammar your implement into your writing will directly effect the readability of your written work as well as the structure of your sentences. Use Boom Essays to ensure your grammar skills are perfect. This service is renowned for being one of the best, as featured in an “Write My Essays” article on Huffington Post.

State of Writing

Whether you’re writing invoices or emails, State of Writing can provide you with up to date grammar and punctuation guides, enabling you to easily and quickly proofread your work.


The proofreading process your work is an essential part of ensuring accuracy in written work. Using PaperFellows, you can follow custom guides to ensure you’ve checked off everything while perfecting your content.

Cite It In

Adding references, signatures or citations to your documents? Now you can add these into your text in a professionally formatted way using this tool.

Custom Essays

The skill of writing is one of those skills that can always be improved upon over time. UK Writings is an online community home to writers all over the world, enabling you to share techniques and methods as well as exploring the range of guides on offer.

Via Writing

Whether you’re looking for comprehensive guides on spelling, basic or advanced techniques, punctuation and grammar, Via Writing houses them all, making for a great reference website throughout your career.

Re-read Before You Click Send

One of my final considerations is reading through your work before you send it. This factor cannot be stressed enough. Even with one read through, you’ll instantly notice any obvious mistakes you’ve made as well as any sentences that need to be edited to improve readability.

About the Author: Mary Walton is an editor at Australian writing service Essayroo. She was always fond of education, that's why she started her blog - Simple Grad (check PrimeWritings.com Review). Also, Mary works as a content manager and tutor at Australian Help, educational portal.
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