Best Tech to Succeed in Your Next Virtual Assistant Job

10/19/2016 by James Daniels



According to PayScale, Virtual Assistants in the United States are mostly women, and they earn an average of $16.06 an hour. Virtual Assistant work can serve as a profitable side income or scale into a full-time career. But it takes more than an email address and a phone line to compete and land big clients. Fortunately, just about anyone can get up and running in a Virtual Assistant career with the right technology in place. Here are five tools to get started.

Samsung Gear S2

Set the tone of your Virtual Assistant career with a stylish smartwatch that keeps you connected to your business even when you’re on the go. For example, the Samsung Gear S2 can track your activities right on your wrist so you never miss a call or text from your client. The 4G connected smartwatch features Bluetooth connectivity so you can stay hands-free while researching for your clients or transcribing audio. And unlike the square smartwatch designs of the past, the Samsung Gear S2 is round and stylish for a cohesive part of your everyday look.


Eliminate the challenge of email chains and project management headaches with Slack. Create Channels and organize your client's team conversations among multiple employees or vendors. You can also create private channels just for you and your point person to manage sensitive projects. One of the best features of Slack for Virtual Assistants is the ability to send direct messages to keep all communications in one place.


Organize your files, contracts and images in one place with Dropbox. Use it to help run your own business or create shareable links with clients to review your Pinterest graphics or white papers. Clients can collaborate right through the Dropbox system, or make comments on your work. You can also sync up files on your desktop to automatically update on Dropbox. For example, if you choose to sync a Powerpoint presentation on your desktop, Dropbox will automatically update it anytime you make a change. Dropbox can also alert you when your client makes a tweak or comments.


Being a Virtual Assistant for multiple clients can mean hundreds of passwords. Creating a spreadsheet to keep track of everything can expose clients to hacking, but also requires time to copy and paste in each password. Instead, clients can log into their LastPass account with a master password and create long, encrypted passwords for individual accounts from Amazon to Slack. LastPass encrypts and decrypts all passwords locally in your own machine using AES256. This means that no one ever has the passwords to individual accounts, not even LastPass. That keeps passwords safe and secure but allows access to multiple users when logging in through LastPass.


Set-up video chats and web conferencing for weekly status meetings with Zoom. Choose plans that host up to 50 participants and allow unlimited meeting duration for any size. It also offers scheduling options and reporting so you can access information on who joined your meeting. You can also share your screen through WiFi, Airplay or a wired HDMI connection.

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