Virtual Assistants - How to Schedule it All?

7/1/2014 Christina Winsey
Work at Home Virtual Assistants - How to Schedule it All?
by Christina Winsey


If you are trying to envision working from home as a virtual assistant you may wonder what a typical day may look like.  As we discuss how to decide on your schedule, there are two factors to consider:


*First, remember that there are two types of virtual assistants:


1) Independent Business Owner: One who works for herself and must obtain clients who want/need her administrative and computer services.  In this case the discipline of sticking to your scheduled client needs requires a bit more diligence. After all, you're the boss of you here.  Will you run your business like a business?


2) Employee: One who works from home remotely (via phone and internet) for a company. In this case the company may or may not require you to stick to a particular schedule.


*Second, if you are serious about becoming a work-from-home virtual assistant, regardless of which kind, you must make sure you are able to make a commitment to the demands of your work.  Face it, at home there are all the chores and projects and other family tasks just sitting there, waiting for your attention (ie, laundry, school fundraiser, banking, dry cleaning, shopping and housework, etc.). If you're not careful the lure of "getting things done" can be a distraction from work.


*Third, how much money do you need to make and how many hours can you give to working, while still taking care of the kids?  Will the kids have half-day pre-school?  Will you have any help from your husband or an older child to take care of the baby or a younger child that requires more supervision?  There may be some simple work tasks that enable you to still supervise your kids to some extent, but other work tasks will require your complete, uninterrupted attention.


Tips to Determine Your Work From Home Schedule:

Coming up with a smart and simple way to manage time is very important, and remember that no two families are alike.  What works for you may not at all work for another, so there is no "right" or "wrong" way, as long as you keep your commitments, deadlines and schedules required by the work at hand.  Determining your "day in the life of a work from home mom virtual assistant" must take into account:


a. The number of waking hours you have in a week

b. The number of hours (give or take) for "kid management" -- school schedules, PTA, and extracurricular activities

c.  The number of hours you spend on household and family needs/chores

d. What, if any, childcare help you have from your husband or other family, sitters or other resource.

e. The number of hours you personally need for self-care and sanity.

f.  The number of hours you have available for work, and whether the hourly wage will meet your family's financial needs.


Remember, there are typically 40 working hours in any given week.  We all know millions of Americans work far more hours than this.  But if the only way your family can make it financially is for you to work 40 hours (over and above the 24/7 of being a Mom) then juggling and getting the work hours in around family activities will determine the type of virtual assisting job or work you take on.


About the Author:
Rev. Dr. Christina Winsey is a women's empowerment coach, and author and speaker.  Clients reduce stress, gain confidence, improve health, lose weight and conquer negative habits and addictions.  She writes a regular column called WORN Mothers for the free online magazine and can be reached at
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