Virtual Employment Opportunities for the Disabled

7/28/2014 Bernice Poore

Virtual Employment for the Disabled

by Bernice Poore


In a world where individuals are often defined by their outward appearance or physical agility, there are talented individuals that can surpass the most notable heroes. They are not hiding but masked by the masses of employable humans who inhabit our planet. Virtual Assistants can assist in providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities through their Virtual Job Board that is updated daily.  Working from home is a great way to actively use and develop skills and abilities that employers are looking for.  As a Virtual Assistant, individuals with disabilities become a competitive force in today’s job market. Evidenced based practice employment services such as Supported Employment ®, have proven that employment services promote recovery and wellness for individuals with disabilities (


Veterans who have been disabled in combat often suffer from physical and/or mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that hinder normal socialization during recovery.  Virtual employment can provide an avenue for disabled veterans or any homebound disabled individual to utilize their work skills in a virtual work environment free from many of the stressors that present in normal job settings. In addition, working from home provides a work environment that has minimal physical barriers to hinder job success for individuals with physical disabilities.


Virtual Assistants is an employment source that showcases jobs from real employers at competitive wages for individuals with or without disabilities.  Virtual Assistants should be considered as a great opportunity to connect to a vast number of job opportunities that welcome individuals with limited mobility. Working in a virtual environment also minimizes employment expenses, such as transportation and specific work attire. The advantage of considering virtual employment as an employment option is a significant choice to make for anyone facing the challenges of finding employment. Virtual Assistants can provide an avenue for employers to have access to the great talents of individuals with disabilities.


About the Author:

Mrs. Poore has over thirty years of employment service experience, a Bachelor in Business Management and a Masters in Education.  She is the Executive Director of Latter Rain Associates, a non-profit located in Canton, Ohio.  Latter Rain Associates’ Employ1 Program is contracted with the State of Ohio Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities to provide Vocational Rehabilitation Services to individuals with disabilities and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

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