4 Ingenious Time Management Tips for Virtual Assistants

5/8/2015 by VirtualAssistants.com

If you are like many virtual assistants, you likely have to manage work from a large number of clients, as well as manage different tasks throughout the day. This means that time management is crucial for professional success. Managing your time efficiently can help you take on more clients, manage your stress levels, and help you keep a healthy work-life balance.
Here are 4 ingenious techniques to help you get the most out of your day and maintain optimal levels of productivity.

1. The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique, http://www.pomodorotechnique.com,  involves planning in timed worked sessions with intentional breaks. The idea behind the technique is that the mind can concentrate on a task for a certain amount of time. The mind then needs a break. It is believed that if you intentionally schedule breaks of 5 minutes after short periods of work, you will tend to unintentionally procrastinate less.
2. Cluster Similar Tasks Together

Our minds can find it difficult to switch between different types of tasks. This means that we spend a lot of time adjusting to different activity types, which consumes a lot of our precious time on busy days. Instead, plan to group similar functions together. For example, organize all emails in one session, then move on to making phone calls, and so on.

3. Manage Your Optimism or Pessimism
If you tend to be optimistic, you may find that your to-do lists are unrealistic. Likewise, if you begin to tend to get overwhelmed and put off tasks that you may have actually managed, you aren’t working at optimal productivity. When you plan out your day, ask yourself whether you are being overly optimistic, too pessimistic, or realistic. This will help you to manage your time and stress levels. The more you question yourself, the more you are likely to be aware of your optimism or pessimism levels. You’ll then be able to adjust and plan realistic schedules.

4. Prioritize with the Traffic Light System
We all have a variety of tasks to do in a day. As a result, writing a to-do list can stress you out more than it helps you to organize your work. This is how the traffic light prioritization technique can help you. It helps you to identify which of your tasks are urgent and which are most important. For example, you may have five tasks that you would quite like to do tomorrow, which you put on your to-do list. You then predict how much time each task is likely to take you, and so you are optimistic that you’ll get everything done. However, have you ever found that some days you struggle to complete your entire to-do list, while other days you fly through your tasks? The traffic light system helps you to identify which tasks are most urgent, which are most important, and which are ideal. Do this in the evening so that you know what you must complete and which tasks you can put to the side for the next day.

Which of these techniques will you try? Do any of them help you to manage your time and productivity?

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