Are You One Click Away from a Data Loss Disaster?

2/13/2017 Joao Pedro De Sousa

Are you one click away from a data loss disaster?


Whatever the size of your business, whether you are running a global company that takes financial payments every second of the day or you are a small local company that just has a few regular customers, you still face the same problems when it comes to losing data. Okay, so for large, regulated companies, the penalties and consequences may be much more extreme but lost data is a big problem for any size of business.


Cyber crime has been increasing at a sharp rate and criminals continuously come up with new, sneaky ways of stealing or compromising data. As a business, you need to dedicate a lot of energy into making it as hard for criminals as possible. If you work for large company, then you probably have an IT department that is responsible for ensuring the correct security processes are in place. However, even the most robust processes can be caught out. Even the huge companies like Yahoo have subjected to hacking, as criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their attacks. LinkedIn are another example of a recently publicized company that has been attacked by cyber criminals. If these large companies can fall foul of the criminals, then any business can.


In the past, smaller businesses may have felt that they wouldn’t be touched, as cyber criminals have bigger fish to fry, so to speak. That perception is rapidly changing, as more and more people are becoming victims to such attacks. Even households are targeted now with ransomware and other types of attacks that can even target your TV. Scary isn’t it? The government has shown how serious the problem is by the amount of money that has been budgeted for cyber security. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be one, easy way to deter cyber criminals, so it is important that you understand the range of measures that you can take in order to protect your data.


It is not just criminals that can cause data loss. You can lose data through system failures and even employee errors. All it takes is one click to delete a file and if you don’t have a robust back up plan in place then you could be in serious trouble. If you have an IT department then they may be able to help to recover files but if you are a small business then you won’t have that luxury. There are other ways that you can recover data, such as hiring the help of a data recovery specialist who offer a range of services from advising you how to back up your files to mysql data recovery services.


When it comes to data security, you’re always better to do more than less. Back up your files, pay extra for the web host with the highest level of security and keep up to date with the latest data security news. If you take all the measures that you can, you will hopefully never suffer a data loss disaster.

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