Being the Virtual Assistant of Your Own Life

3/23/2017 Jocelyn Brown

One of the secrets to being a great virtual assistant is having meticulous organizational skills and always preparing for what may come. If you can master those skills for the benefit of your clients, you must make sure to do the same for yourself.

After all, if you’re going to continue building your virtual assistance business, you may apply for many new jobs over time. Perhaps one day, the benefits of working from home may start to wear off, and you may choose to leave the self-employment field and get a regular job at an established company.

In any case, you may sometimes find yourself subject to an employment background check. As a virtual assistant, some of the aspects of your background checks may be more difficult to pass than others. This article is meant to give you a few brief tips to help you utilize two of your most valuable talents—organization and preparedness—to take care of your future self.

Save As Much Paperwork As Possible

Because you’re a boss or independent contractor, you are not directly employed with any of your clients or their companies. Your records will probably not be found with any human resources department.

Supervisors or co-workers cannot always be depended upon to provide accurate information, either, so you will need to make sure that you have paperwork proving that you worked for your clients. If you have a business license, make sure it’s safe and easy for you to locate. File your tax forms and paychecks. Get letters of recommendation and confirmation of employment.

Keep In Contact With Everyone

Even when you have a paper trail showing your place and dates of employment, the input of the people who worked with you will be invaluable. There will be no-one else who can believably praise you. Make sure that you stay in touch with your supervisors and co-workers so that you know how to reach them if a prospective employer wants to interview them.

Even if you don’t talk to them often, at least be aware of where they are and how you can communicate with them. Whenever possible, prepare them so that they’re ready to speak on your behalf.

Be Detailed

Virtual assistants often say that they’re detail-oriented, but you have to prove it. In your resume and application, include everything that you’re sure is correct about your past jobs—dates, addresses, phone numbers to human resources, etc.

You never know what information a background check agency will need to know, especially when you only have your own paperwork and the word of old co-workers to verify your employment.

That should get you off to a good start, but here are some additional tips and insights.

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