Create a Distraction Free Virtual Assistant Office

5/20/2014 Pamela Silk

Creating a Distraction Free Virtual Assistant Home Office

by Pamela Silk


To have a successful home office with less distractions:

1.  Close the door! Create an office area where you can close the door to distractions. How easy is it to keep from being distracted at your home office? If you're like me and your previous job was multi-tasking and you were constantly being bombarded with requests and assignments then it seems like working from home would be an easy change. In order to set boundaries and prevent interruptions in your home office you have to setup a specific area in your home where the door closes and where the room looks like an office. This is the first step in setting up a a successful home office. Distraction could be seeing a basketful of laundry that needs to get done or any chore that has to get done around the house. Closing the door keeps those distraction away.

2.  Turn off the phone or television if not needed in your business. Another distraction in a home office is the phone. Yes it is a much needed tool in some home offices but if you spend too much time on the phone other work won't get done. First you need to set up certain times in your day where you can return phone calls. Schedule it during your work day so you can stay on task. Set up your voice mail and let your clients know that their call will be returned by a certain time. If your business doesn't involve incoming calls that's one less distraction. Turn off the phone and don't turn on a television. Televisions should not be in your home office unless you need one to finish a task.

3.  Organize a work schedule for the day and follow it. Next you need to be organized, getting organized also involves setting up a schedule. Make a list of tasks that need to get done and how much time needs to get devoted to those tasks. You can easily check them off during your work day. What I like to use is, the To-Do & Task List. Wunderlist is a simple-to-use list app that keeps us on track. You can add details to your list and set reminders (remember your breaks) you can also access this app from your smartphone. The free version works great! If you prefer using a reminder on your computer, you can set reminders and tasks in MS Outlook which most of us have. This link will show you: How To Set Up for Outlook.

4.  Finally schedule your breaks and lunch hour. One thing you need to do to keep your sanity working from home is to take scheduled breaks. Yes the drawbacks to working from home is you don't have the traditional socializing around the water cooler. Schedule two 15 minute breaks for a full work day and even get out of the house for a lunch break. This can often clear your head and you will be refreshed to tackle the afternoon tasks.

If you do these four things, you'll be less distracted and be able to accomplish all your tasks.


About the Author:

Pamela Silk owns an administrative consultant business named RBB Designs and is an online freelance administrative assistant, graphic designer, computer savvy, free agent writer who is a retired military wife with an interest in painting and jewelry design.

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