#1 Tip for Adding Clients to Your Virtual Assistant Business

6/23/2014 Sue Canfield

Add a New Client Each Month in 2014 

by Sue Canfield


My first suggested goal for your virtual assistant business this coming year is for you to add a new client each month.


Is that realistic?

How can you go about finding new clients?

Can you handle the additional workload?


The answers to those questions depend on your specific business as it stands now. Perhaps you are just starting your virtual assistant business and only have one or two clients. In that case adding 12 new clients this year may be just the thing you need. On the other hand you may already have your plate full or nearly full of clients. In that case you may have a goal of just adding one more client to your roster this year.


Even if you have a full plate, I strongly suggest you add one more to your roster. Why? We all know that clients can come and go quickly. If you have a bit more than you can handle right now, we'll talk in another post at a later date about how you can collaborate with another virtual assistant and still be able to take on a new client. Then if you do lose a client during the year, you've got one that can fill that spot.


It is possible to find new clients. That's the question most newer virtual assistants ask me when they come to me for coaching services: "How do I find new clients?" I've written lots about this before. My number one suggestion: Ask your existing clients for referrals. Almost every client I've ever had knew a friend, business colleague, or someone else who needed some assistance. Ask your clients to refer your services to anyone they know and as an added-value, provide them with a free report to pass along when they refer your services. As an example, I have a free report I created for business owners who wonder how a virtual assistant can help them. It's called 11 Ways a Virtual Assistant Will Help You Get More Done. You can download it for free at Free Report and feel free to use it and pass it along.


So, if you get a new client every month, can you handle the additional workload? Putting systems and procedures in place to streamline your work will be very helpful. Additionally, collaborating with other virtual assistants can be just the key to having a large roster of clients.


More on this in the next issue, so stay tuned!


About the Author:

For nearly 35 years Sue Canfield, Chief Virtual Officer, has helped small business owners with administrative tasks. She co-authored the book, The Commonsense Virtual Assistant - Becoming an Entrepreneur, Not an Employee, to help virtual assistants understand what it takes to be a business owner. Learn more about the book and coaching services at http://chiefvirtualofficer.com/.


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