Five Survival Tips for the Self-Employed BOSS

5/10/2016 Kelley Amstutz
Five Survival Tips for the Self-Employed BOSS
By: Kelley Amstutz
If you are self-employed, a boss and work from home, this is for you!  It can be hard to stay motivated, sane, or even maintain that quality work that you produced in the beginning when life was fresh and full of endless possibilities.  Here are some ways to keep inspiring yourself, stay on track each work day, and help with your overall work process as well as open your creativity back up to your current and future clients!  

It is important to Stay Organized.

Think about the chaos, the clutter, the junk mail, those bills, client files, the catalogs that you are dying to look at that have managed to find their way on the corner of your desk, waiting to be read when you have that little sliver of free time.   Well, it is time to purge!  Take thirty minutes and clean up. Clear out a drawer in your file cabinet and let all the distracting stuff find its way out of your view, today! If you spend a few minutes clearing the clutter, you will spend more time getting stuff done. Find a system that works for you, an easy to access way to sort papers that you might need, you do need, or you don’t, to alleviate the mess on top of your work space.    

It’s your TIME, schedule wisely.

Time goes with organization, hand in hand. You could lose an entire hour dealing with emails or working with one client while others are patiently waiting to hear back from you. It is important to find a way to schedule your day to involve sections to break up different tasks, such as answering time sensitive emails, packing orders, working with clients, or handling the research for your client. Blocks of time can be helpful while working quickly and efficiently to accomplish a lot in one block of your time. This might not be for everyone, so you might want to spend Tuesdays and Thursdays on client work and perhaps Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays handling the administrative tasks that also need attention.  The point is to find a way to work your time so that it helps you stay on task.        

Distractions have to GO!

Working from home is not the traditional office setting. It is important to find a way to work in a disciplined manner and take this very seriously because, to be frank, it is very easy to get distracted!  Try to schedule social media breaks, allowing you to stay connected but not be connected throughout every notification that pings through your phone.  Another great option would be to move your phone to the other side of the room while you are working in a block of time, allowing you to stay focused on the task at hand without distraction.   Televisions and radios can also cause distractions and should be blocked into time allotments in order to keep you focused when working on a tight deadline.    

Make your Work Space YOU!

Your work space is an extension of who you are, so be creative. Create a space that makes you productive, brings out that excitement for what you do, helps you stay positive and on target with your work. A pretty space will inspire you, so find things in your favorite colors, maybe add some fresh flowers, some artwork or amp up your office accessories with things that are funky and fun and allow you to smile!    

It’s OK to drop the Seriousness sometimes and DANCE!

Remember that you aren’t in a brick and mortar office anymore, so cut yourself a little slack, have some fun and be YOU. Find the flexibility in your schedule, allow a coffee break with a friend or find a way to try something new every day.  The creative rut is real and you will know when you are working yourself too hard.   When this happens, it is so important to let loose, recharge your creative energies, get some fresh air, so to speak, or crank up the music and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE around your kitchen until you smile.
Or you could try painting, taking a walk, listening to some music or picking up a book you have been wanting to read, and let yourself be carried away for awhile.
Here is a great site with lots of ideas for improving your mood when you are feeling a little down and need some inspiration:
It is important to inspire yourself daily, find those new outlets that help make you a happier, healthier and bolder BOSS that sets you apart from the rest!                                                 

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