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6/16/2014 Vanessa Jones
Need Some Inspiration? Ways to Inspire Your Virtual Workday
by Vanessa Jones


Virtual Assisting is not the easiest of jobs to do.  A lot of people seem to think that Virtual Assistants will be in their pink fluffy slippers (always a nice thought) or in a t-shirt and jeans or hanging around eating bonbons all day just because they work from home. "Those" people have a lot to learn about the Virtual Assistance profession.


A Virtual Assistant should always start their day by dressing professionally; after all, you are going to work. You can even make a lunch the night before to have for your lunch break the next day. The Virtual Assistant must be extremely "up" every day to deal with the aloneness in the office and portray to the clients that you are well motivated and inspired.


Motivation and inspiration are sometimes very hard to come by. The Virtual Assistant works alone in a home office with (hopefully) no distractions. Because of being alone, there are things that are very important that Virtual Assistants have to do every day to keep their motivation and inspiration high. After all, the client needs to have a motivated and inspired Virtual Assistant.


If you have found that your motivation and inspiration are lacking, try to do some of the following things to regain your momentum:


* Place nice, bright, fresh flowers on your desk or in your office - the look and smell of the fresh flowers will make you feel like spring is here and brighten your day.
* Get a cup of coffee or tea and take a break about mid-morning.
* Eat healthy - this is a must to provide energy for your brain and body. Do not eat anything heavy in carbohydrates. Eat light such as yogurt or salad.

* Weather permitting, take a walk around the block - fresh air and sunshine do wonders for inspiration.

* You should always get up from your desk every one (1) to two (2) hours to stand and walk around for five (5) minutes.

* If you have a business partner, schedule a lunch date to discuss the growth of the business.
* Create an ideal client profile - who they are - what they do, etc.

* Make a list of prospects to contact.
* Write an article for your newsletter or blog.
* Create postcards advertising your business.
* Change the pace a little and check to make sure all your software and anti-virus programs are up-to-date.


This is only a partial list of the many things that a Virtual Assistant can do to regain motivation and inspiration. The actions listed help you build your motivation, inspiration, and your business. If you choose to take a walk, bring the postcards you created and distribute them to local small businesses. Socialize with the small business owners in your area so they can get to know you and you can gain new clients. Many times the small businesses hesitate to engage the services of a Virtual Assistant because they do not know them. They do not know if there really is a face to the name. Socializing for your business is very important.


Another thing to do to get you out and known amongst business people is speak at business events. The Small Business Association has meetings all around the country. Look them up at to find events in your area. Many times the SBA is looking for speakers. After all, the more involved you are with the local business, the more local business will get to know you and will want to use your services.


If you feel you are up against a wall regarding the direction of your Virtual Assistant business and cannot get past it, go to Here you can find many Virtual Assistants talking about their businesses and issues they have come upon. You may be able to help other Virtual Assistants and they can help you with different aspects of motivation and inspiration. I have tried them for a couple of issues and they have helped me get through them to improve my business and improve myself. Networking with other Virtual Assistants can also help with leads. If one Virtual Assistant cannot meet one of their customers' requirements, they can refer you to that customer. Therefore, you have another job.


If you are interested in reading, there is a book called, You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School by Mac Anderson. This book is about the "lessons learned" of the author in his 30 years of being a leader. Lessons learned are the basis for motivation and inspiration. You can find other such books on including this gem, The Power of Attitude, by Mac Anderson. There is also a site that has free motivational ebooks -


Note: We also recommend the inspirational books with quick links to the left.


About the author:

Vanessa Jones is an experienced Virtual Assistant with 30+ years of administrative experience with a variety of managers and executives.  She can be contacted at if you have any questions regarding this article or if you need my experience as a Virtual Assistant.

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