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9/27/2017 Annette Cantu

Stand-Out Virtual Assistant

You took the plunge and have ventured into the virtual assistant business. It is a quick-paced, ever-changing and challenging hustle. The vast amount the time-saving apps and electronics have their place. To be that stand-out virtual assistant, you need every advantage to maximize productivity.  Reach your potential with the right work environment.

Location, Location, and Location

The location of your work area is crucial, so give it the attention it deserves. You might think the obvious answer is to use the smallest room or any spare area. Think about the larger room or the room with a window for a better choice. Or how about a rarely used formal dining or living room? How is the lighting? Consider the power source locations and if you should add more outlets before moving in.

Your Throne

● Do invest good money for your chair. As a virtual assistant, you are going to be spending a lot of time with your chair. Consider a high-quality ergonomic chair designed to avoid injury and reduce stress. Back pain is not conducive to staying on task. Another option is a stability ball designed to function as a chair such as Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs. Check with your chiropractor if you have specific back or neck issues.

● Another option is the new stand-up desks so that you are not sitting all the time. The veridesk attaches to any desk. Or you could consider combining a standing work surface, along with a standard desk.

Color Scheme

You can spark productivity by the color scheme and paint colors you choose. Gray, beige, and white colors may prove depressing, especially for women. Consider greens or blues, (colors in Mother Nature) to improve efficiency and focus. Happy and productive is good. You won’t regret budgeting for paint.

What? No House Plants?

You must have at least a couple of houseplants in your virtual office because they can:

—Clear toxins

—Improve mood

—Decrease headaches

—Reduce blood pressure (who knew!)

Think spider or lemon balm plants. How about a blooming one like the
hibiscus or the irresistible purple violets? These will make you feel joyful and happy.

Personal Touches

Virtual assistants make it possible for others to get more from their businesses. Reward yourself. Create your office or work space to reflect your awesome self with personal touches. Think pictures, special quotes, or thank you notes. Whether traditionally calming, extraordinarily glamorous, or minimalistic, make it your profit-making sanctuary.

About the Author: 

After years of making the sometimes long-winded and waffling communication styles of attorneys clear and concise, I discovered the love of creating blogs and web content for emerging health and coaching entrepreneurs and for fellow virtual assistants.

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