Offer New Services to Increase Cash Flow

3/30/2016 by

Offer New Services to Increase Cash Flow

With the new year fast approaching, virtual assistants may worry about business slowing down and revenue drying up. With a little ingenuity and a few extra offerings, though, you can keep your nose to the grindstone and income rolling in.

1. Proofreading and Formatting

This time of year can be busy for those businesses trying to get their blogs, sales emails and press releases out there. For busy business owners, though, this means working with a lot of content and using up time they just don’t have.

This is where virtual assistants can offer to proofread and edit blogs, format WordPress articles and even pen a few sales letters for business owners, company staff, guest contributors and even your current customers.

2. Managing Editorial Calendars and Brainstorming Headlines

Ever heard of a blog editorial calendar? It’s a schedule for the placing of upcoming posts to be published on a business owner’s website. You could try offering to assist with brainstorming topic ideas and headlines that will entice the business’s target audience and boost their websites’ search engine rankings. Then, space out those posts in a logical way using a spreadsheet or online calendar.

3. Content Curation for Social Media

Just about anyone can research interesting images, article links and quotes, but not everyone demonstrates that care and attention to detail that will help provide value to a business owner’s target audience. Virtual assistants could offer this additional service. Try putting yourself in the shoes of someone who frequents your client’s blog and determine which images and headlines they find most inspiring, entertaining or helpful.

4. Provide Customer Support

Busy executives tend to receive a lot of audience queries, questions and feedback. Responding to all the incoming correspondence can be very time consuming. You can offer customer support to those business owners in the form of emails, formatting blog posts and filtering queries.

5. Reach Out to Business Owners

Use social media and direct emails to introduce yourself and find out who needs your support in certain areas of their business. Be brief, clear and confident and you’ll be surprised at how many responses you will receive.

Alternatively, register with and search through loads of virtual assistants jobs right now. From customer support to editing, telemarketing and general services, you’re sure to find lots of opportunities to increase your earnings.

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