Tips to Landing Your First Virtual Job Out of School

12/30/2016 James Daniels


Tips to Landing Your First Virtual Job Out of School

Entering the work force after you complete your online nurse practitioner programs at Bradley University is both exciting and scary. Obviously, you want to succeed in your chosen path but at the same time you need to approach things realistically and understand you will most likely be starting at the bottom of the ladder. There is no time like the present to start thinking about your career, in fact it’s best to start taking active steps while you are still in school.

Prepare Before You Finish School

Here’s a big tip that can make a huge difference in finding a job out of school. While you are still completing your family nurse practitioner program you want to create an online presence. This could be in the form of your own blog discussing your experiences in school, through social networks, and even a LinkedIn profile. You basically want to create a professional reputation for yourself before you even start the job search.

Take Advantage of Internships

Another route that can help you is to enroll in an internship opportunity. This can be while you are still in school or right after you graduate. Speak to your professor about any possible virtual internship opportunities or check with your school.

It’s Okay to be Picky

You’ve probably heard some people say that you should apply to everything and anything, even if it’s not in your field. While this is sure to land you a job eventually, there’s a good chance it won’t be the kind of job you will end up benefiting from. Instead there is no harm in being picky. Apply to the jobs that are going to help you, provide you with more knowledge, provide you with valuable experience, and give you what you need to start making a career for yourself.

Start Networking

This is also a great opportunity to start networking, checking out different job boards, asking people for recommendations and referrals, and basically getting as much knowledge as you can about where the jobs are and how to get in.

Take Time to Prepare

When it comes to the interview process far too many people end up going into an interview completely unprepared. Not only will you come across unprofessional, you also won’t look ready for the job. Preparing for an interview means taking the time to learn about the business, institute, clinic, or hospital that you will be interviewing with. Learn about their patients and the services they offer.

Next you want to actually understand the job that you are interviewing for. You can ask for more clarification in the interview, but you should be aware of the basic job duties and responsibilities. Lastly you want to look the part. Be sure to arrive at your interview on time and looking professional.

Using these tips and tricks to help you find a job outside of school can help ensure you find the perfect position that will provide you with the knowledge and experience you’ll need to build your career.

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