Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

6/9/2014 Dana R. Arevalo, MBA
Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant
by Dana R. Arevalo, MBA


At times, organizations do not require permanent employees to complete tasks.  It doesn't make any sense to pay an individual to sit around at the office solely answering phones while waiting for assignments or responsibilities.  Many business' also lose money each year due to unproductive employees.  Furthermore, they also waste money by keeping employees around to complete tasks as they become available or find themselves creating "busy-work", which translates into "wasted-time".  Let's see what makes Virtual Assistants stand out from permanent or temporary employees.

Reason #1:  Cost Effective Savings.


A business can spend a significant amount of money maintaining a safe, comfortable working environment for their staff. Most companies also provide employee benefits, perks, and added bonuses for their employees and staff.  It would prove much more cost effective if the company decides to hire a "virtual assistant" per an hourly rate or per assigned contract for tasks as they come saving time and money.  The VA sits in the comfort of their own home office space completing assignments for you.

Reason #2:  Virtual Assistants are more productive.

Worried about productivity rates? There is a productivity rate for just about any task.  Time equals money.  Virtual assistants work quickly and accurately as they are focused on how many tasks and projects they can get done in a specific time period.  If they are left with no assignments and nothing to do, they do not get paid.

Reason #3: Virtual Assistants often have specialized skills.

Just as a permanent job applicant emphasizes their skills on an application, the virtual assistant emphasizes their skills in their online summary or profile. The VA, however, takes specialized to the next level, as they are responsible for keeping their own skills up to par. The more specialized training and classes they take, the more well-rounded they become. They make themselves "virtually" indispensable.

Reason #4:  A company can sample a Virtual Assistants work in depth.

The more experience the merrier.  When hiring a VA the company is not concerned in job-length by years. As a regular job applicant, many companies seek individuals that have at least stayed in one position for approximately one year.  In the VA world their work is viewed upon as assignments and samples. Many of which can be found online and or in their work portfolio.  They often also have written recommendations from past assignments.

Reason #5: Virtual Assistants can work with little or no supervision.

While VAs have an assignment deadline to maintain, they are not under constant pressure or under the watch of a supervisor.  Most VAs are highly responsible and excel in time management skills.  They are contractors in business for themselves.  Their time is precious and they are able to maintain their own schedules.  They are also able to utilize flex-time and work at times they feel most productive for them.

Reason #6: Advanced technology skills.

Virtual Assistants possess up to date technology skills and have reliable equipment. They must also know how to work remotely. Most understand how to do the simplest technological tasks such as, faxing to a more difficult task, such as, designing an in-depth Power-Point presentation. If they do not have the skills, they will not take on the assignment.  Training and keeping up to date is the responsibility of the VA and not the company.

Reason #7: Virtual Assistants have small turn-over rate in comparison to permanent employees.

As mentioned earlier, while VAs have a deadline, they work on their own specified schedules.  Many companies do not offer flex-time to permanent employees.  When an employee has an emergency, it is difficult for them to leave the office causing them stress.  Working parents run into this problem often, especially during the summer or when a child falls ill.  Setting your own hours, vacation and personal time is entirely less stressful.  I believe that less stress also adds to enhanced productivity.

Reason #8: Virtual Assistants know how to "network" and find answers.

Finding items and completing tasks "virtually" is embedded in the nature of a VA.  Many are experts in social networking and have many professional contacts.  They are responsible and often know more than the average assistant because they are comfortable working in an online environment.  They are used to communicating virtually.  It takes time to build connections and build trust through the Internet.

Reason #9:  Virtual Assistants are available 24/7.


Suppose your business had a last minute emergency or a project that required weekend assistance.  A company would spend more time and money calling in weekend help than relying on a Virtual Assistant to complete the job.  Most administrative assistants, executive assistants, sales executives, hang up their hat and coat on Friday night and disappear until Monday.  Many VAs are still available.  Remember, time equals money.

Reason #10:  Virtual Assistants do not have time for gossip, ultimately lowering liability.

No water cooler conversations exist in the VA world.  The VA works independently.  While individuals in a corporation are usually bound by confidentiality agreements, there are always those who leak information and by the time the information gets passed around the office it gets modified and could pose as a liability.  Virtual Assistants are also bound by confidentiality agreements, but being that they are basically working alone there is a lesser chance of data leaks; hence a decreased or lowered liability.

I hope that you found these suggestions helpful in determining if a VA is right for your company. Virtual assistants are flexible, efficient, and have extensive training and experience.  Remember always to discuss your specific needs and or advertise appropriately so that you can find your perfect VA match.   

Enjoy your week!  


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