Un-American? US Companies Hiring Offshore Workers?

4/1/2016 Kelley Amstutz


Un-American? US Companies Hiring Offshore Workers?

By: Kelley Amstutz

In today’s world almost every company believes in outsourcing. This is due largely to the fact that technology makes it so that there is nothing that cannot be outsourced. Jobs from customer service, telemarketing, transcription, tech support to virtual assistant fields can be outsourced by using U.S. Onshore workers or Offshore workers, that can provide considerable benefits to the company.

Why Offshore?

Offshore outsourcing is cheaper, pure and simple. The cost of living for an offshore worker is much lower than the cost of living in the U.S. They can, simply put, afford to work for less money. This is one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing with an offshore worker. By reducing costs on wages, it permits companies to survive in the global economy, especially for small or mid-sized businesses that need to be able to offer the same service as would a large company counterpart.

Con's About Outsourcing to Offshore Workers

When you choose to outsource offshore, you will encounter offshore workers who are not familiar with our culture and language in the United States. Although, they may speak English, it typically is not their first language. This can cause language barriers, communication gaps, and lack of understanding when it comes to tasks that are vital to ensuring your business is and will continue running smoothly.

If you choose to outsource any confidential or personal data offshore, it may not be protected. When looking at firms in India, they are not equally subject to extensive legislative or regulatory data-protection controls, which could be an important part of your business model.

Offshore workers typically work for a firm that outsources their services, and are not business owners. They do not have any vested interest in your business besides getting more projects to work on.

You are in fact, stimulating another countries economy and not your own.


Why Choose American Workers?

Better Communications

Most U.S. Onshore workers are business owners or entrepreneurs; therefore, they understand the operations that go on for a business, as well as what is needed and required to help develop it.

You Help Grow the Economy

As a friend once explained to me in a conversation about tipping the waitress (and I think this puts it in perspective). "You tip the waitress, and in turn he/she has money to visit the farmers market, the farmer then takes his wife to dinner, the restaurateur now hires another waitress... and so on, and so on." You get the picture. By hiring a US virtual worker, you are helping to stimulate the economy.

When we look at offshore workers and the US economy, it can be seen that more US workers are suffering from unemployment as positions are being sub-contracted to offshore outsourcing countries. In 2014, Economy In Crisis reported on the state of the economy in the United States and how alarming the numbers were due to the onset of outsourcing to other countries. 

Outsourcing is now seen as the potential cause for long-term structural unemployment standards in the United States, which is eliminating industries as a result.

Recently, Global Research wrote an article in which they fear that The Offshore Outsourcing of American Jobs is a Greater Threat than Terrorism due to the outstanding effects that numbers have already begun to reveal on the U.S. Economic standards.

The problem, therefore lies in the fact that with less jobs to offer US workers due to offshore outsourcing, the US economy could not provide the required number of alternative jobs for workers that have been laid off.  If the rate of outsourcing is not controlled by the government finance and labor departments, it will be difficult to maintain a regional economic balance.

To be quite frank, a job that is outsourced to a worker in the outsourcing countries will have an equivalent job lost in the progressive countries’ labor market.

The ultimate decision to use a US Onshore or an Offshore worker within your business should be taken very seriously. It is imperative to weigh the pros and cons within your own business model. Hiring a U.S. Onshore worker offers the benefit of keeping someone in America working and helping to stimulate your own economy.

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