Virtual Assistant - Career or Lifestyle Change?

6/12/2014 Nan Demers
Virtual Assistant - Career Move or Lifestyle Change?
by Nan Demers


Choosing to work as a virtual assistant is a big decision, and for a lot of people who work from home, it's much more than a career change when they decide to start their own home business. Most virtual assistants work from a home office and receive their clients' projects by email or fax. There are some attractive reasons for working from your home. Some women who had previously been in the workforce choose to be stay-at home-moms and start their own businesses when their children are young. Downsizing can be a big factor. A flexible schedule is another reason a lot of people choose to work from home.


Being a virtual assistant isn't for everyone. You have to decide if this is going to be a career change in which you work regular business hours or a complete lifestyle change. If your new career will affect everyone in your family, it will be an adjustment for them too. You have to put in a lot of work to secure clients and keep them coming back for your services. You have to know how to market yourself to find clients, and you will have to put in some long hours when you're in the startup phase. However, once you gain a reputation in your niche, it will get easier.


When you're getting started, decide what services you'll offer and make sure you have the necessary training before you start. If you do need additional training, there are a lot of options available so that you can keep your day job until you learn new skills and get established. Distance learning is more popular than ever, and a lot of colleges and universities offer business and computer courses. When you take courses online, the cost is less than attending on-campus classes, providing you with more cash to put into your business venture.


One of the biggest factors when you work from home is learning to manage your time especially if you have family commitments. If you're serious about working as a virtual assistant, you'll have to learn to arrange your schedule accordingly. Unexpected situations happen in everyone's life and if you have a deadline for a client, you'll have to stick to it or they'll drop you for someone else more reliable. Don't get too overconfident after you've secured a few clients. There is a lot of competition for competent virtual assistants who can provide a good turnaround time, so you should keep marketing yourself everyday.


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