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Mark Twain was fond of saying, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” What Mr. Twain was trying to say is that if you get the most dreaded thing you have to do out of the way, it's unlikely that anything else that you experience could cause any worse discomfort. That's why if you have a particularly discouraging job to get done, you should do it first and get it out of the way so that the rest of your day can proceed as planned.

Dealing with Tasks

As a virtual assistant, you’re going to find yourself tasked with a number of jobs. Some of these jobs are not exactly what you would call entertaining and some are downright boring. As a virtual assistant, jobs and their priority should mean a lot to you, and that’s why we must remember Mr. Twain’s words about eating the frog and facing the most dire of tasks first. Putting that task at the head of your queue gets it out of the way and leaves you time to get the rest of your stuff done without it hanging over your head. Getting those key tasks out of the way early gives you a leg up on the rest of the day and can do wonders for your motivation and can even help you get your virtual assistant jobs accomplished faster.

“GSD” – Getting Stuff Done

Virtual assistants usually find themselves with a large volume of work that seems impossible to complete until they’re put in an order. Even so, setting up your order can mean the difference between getting all your tasks done and only completing some or most of your virtual assistant jobs. What’s the key to scheduling? Eat the frog. Put your least desirable and most dreaded tasks first. Get them out of the way so you can deal with the more attractive tasks as the day goes on. When your mind is fresh, it’s a lot easier to deal with disagreeable tasks. When your mind has already had some work to do it tends to be less inclined to dealing with the unattractive tasks.

Why Wait?

Probably the most effective way of not accomplishing your goals as a virtual assistant is waiting too long to get started on them. Mark Twain was right, the longer you put off something less than ideal, the harder it is to actually get started on it and the easier it is to just procrastinate it away. "Seize the day" is a Roman saying ('Carpe Diem'), meaning that you can do whatever you want with a day, and unless you actually try to do something with it, you will end up wasting it. Utilize your time to the fullest, there is no better time to do something than right now. Don't let your virtual assistant jobs fall by the wayside. Get your brain in gear and get that project done, no matter how unappealing it is right now. At least, when it's done, you won't have to worry about it anymore.

Ok, so go ahead and Eat that Frog!

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