How to Add Value to Your Clients as a Virtual Assistant

Posted: 07.26.2019

One of the things that is becoming increasingly popular in this day and age is flexible working. Employers are realizing that they can get just as much value, if not more, from employees without them being physically present. You may have been able to forge a path for yourself as a virtual assistant which allows you to work from anywhere you are in the world. However, this can be a competitive field to be in, so ensuring you add maximum value and stand out amongst your competition is key. Here is how you can add value to your clients as a virtual assistant.
Be Reliable
People often decide to hire an assistant because they need help managing their workload. For this reason, you want to make sure that you’re reliable and easy to access. In doing so, you make it easier for your clients to trust and have confidence in you. Always have integrity and stick to your word the best you can. In cases where you aren’t able to deliver, let them know in good time and do your best to put alternatives in place.
Suggest Solutions
As a virtual assistant, one of your goals should be to add value to your clients and make their lives easier. This requires that you be proactive and forward thinking in most cases. If you have a client that you have to order items for often, they may tend to end up with tons of recyclable waste in their office space. Suggest that they invest in galvanized steel wire to bundle waste, especially if it’s cardboard waste.  
Broaden Your Skills
Another way that you can add value to your client base as a virtual assistant is by broadening your skills. This will increase your chances of success as you have more to offer than basic administrative skills. Some uncommon skills that you may want to look into developing are SEO, logo design, accounting, or blog writing. Think about what skills are most in demand at the moment and see how you can develop them.
Learn to Prioritize
Although prioritizing your tasks may seem straightforward, you’d be amazed at how many people struggle to do it. It often means you need to make quick decisions and be disciplined, otherwise you’ll find you’re distracted with insignificant tasks.
  • Write out all of your tasks: The first step when prioritizing tasks is to write out everything that needs to be done. When you have bigger tasks, break them down further into action steps.
  • Note importance: Once you’ve written down the tasks, you’ll do the important work of ordering them according to importance and urgency. You can label the most important tasks A and then continue using B and C for tasks of lesser importance.
  • Work through the list: The last step would be to work through each task in accordance to the importance you’ve placed on each. Try and resist the temptation of doing easier or less important tasks first as you may find your days become less productive and your clients are unhappy. Also, eliminate distractions like social media or entertainment that could slow you down.

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