Enhancing Your Customer's Digital Experience

Posted: 09.10.2019

Your website is the platform from which your customers directly interact with your firm, investing in your products and finding out information about your brand. Giving them a positive digital experience is paramount to ensure that your customers see your company in a positive light in the future. However, when you run your business from home, it can be difficult to get the support that you need to create a stellar customer experience, and these top tips will help you to do so.

Invest in Website Testing

If you are struggling to turn your website stats into sale conversions by yourself, you should invest in the help of a professional who can help to determine the issues with your website and advise you on how to improve these. For instance, www.digivante.com offers a website and performance testing service which allows you to live monitor your website to isolate problems which may cause issues for customers before they do. They also perform usability and functional testing to understand how customers experience your website to find the issues which may be preventing your conversion rates from increasing. This will allow you to enhance your customer’s experience of your home business as you can then target specific weaknesses in your website which are preventing your customers from having the best possible experience of your website.

Create an App

You can also give customers an enhanced digital experience by creating a sister application which they can download onto their phones or mobile devices, such as tablets. These can help your customers to have an enhanced experience as they are easily transportable and navigable services that allow customers to shop, look at your products, and even get push notifications of the latest discounts and stock releases instantly. Not only this, but building an app gives customers an experience isolated from the rest of the internet where they are able to focus solely on your brand and engage with your company in real-time.

You can also use specific marketing techniques such as location-based marketing and personalized techniques for your business to coincide with their real-time location and activities.

Become Mobile Responsive

To enhance the customer experience from your home, you should ensure that your business is mobile responsive, as £25 billion expected to be spent on smartphones in 2019 rather than on computer devices. To make your website mobile compatible, you should decrease your pages’ loading times, scale down the graphics that you are using to ensure that they load efficiently, and adapt your e-commerce store to accept multiple different mobile payments options, such as Apple Pay. For entrepreneurs who work from home, using website builders such as Wordpress are a great option to make your website responsive, as these often convert your webpage for mobiles automatically.

If you want to start up a business from home, achieving a great digital experience for your customers is vital to ensure that you can improve your sales conversion rates and create a loyal customer base. However, creating a great customer experience is easy for entrepreneurs who work from home, with a selection of simple methods such as website testing, mobile compatibility, and app creation.

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