What Type of Virtual Jobs for Writing Skills?

Posted: 09.25.2018

In your youth, you were enamored with words. You loved reading novels and poetry. Or you skillfully defeated arguments in the debates. You were excellent at writing essays, and while choosing a major, you gravitated towards humanities – literature, history, philosophy etc. You reveled in playing with words until… the studies have ended, and there seemed to be no jobs for your skill set. But is that really so?


In today’s world, writing skills have many applications. This is an age where information rules. People that are able to write a clear, engaging, and original text can certainly have their share of profitable jobs. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask your reflection – what are your strengths? Perhaps, you are a grammar guru? Or you’re adept at internet research and forming databases and lists? Maybe you have a very active imagination, and your style is very poetic? Perhaps, you have managed to get experience in other areas – for instance, business, economics, IT or STEM? If you can answer at least one of the above questions positively - you can enter the freelance workforce and launch small writing business in one of the various Internet niches currently available.


1. Assist In Editing And Proofreading

Do you think this degree in English language and a diploma on Agatha Christie was a waste of time? Well, you are mistaken. Many aspiring writers, bloggers and site content managers constantly need professional editors at reasonable prices. You can easily find proof of this statement by looking through ads on most freelance sites. Though the competition is fierce, if you find a niche that you work with best, you would gather a good client base with time. If you are a native English speaker, it will be a bonus – editors with native knowledge are always in demand by foreign researchers and businesspeople wishing to be published and promote their products in the English-speaking countries.


2. Become A Copywriter

Businesses often need promotional materials. They need ads, subtle texts describing products and services, press – releases and marketing booklets. If you have experience in marketing or SEO, or work well with presentational tools such as PowerPoint – it can be an added bonus in this line of work. There are copywriting and SEO online courses available as well, if you need them. While composing your material - be sure to arm yourself with a plagiarism checker. It will be a useful tool to ensure the articles you produce are original and without flaws.


3. Help Others With Research

Many people are good at hands-on work but do not know how to write a conclusion for a research paper. Still, research is constantly needed nowadays. From monitoring new trends and discoveries to preparing bachelor diplomas, research is a crucial part of any written work. And that is where you come in! Know your go-to databases, research topics and present your clients with awesome bibliography and coherent, logical papers. You will surely be rewarded. Be sure to remember to check everything through a trusted plagiarism checker, or better two – different programs return different results of uniqueness.


4. Become A Ghostwriter

Many people dream of publishing a book, but not everyone can actually do it. Sometimes people want to compose memoirs; others want to have specific e-books devoted to particular topics helping promote their ideas. Sometimes, an actual writer cannot write another book in the series because of the workload. All those different people would need help from a professional writer who would agree not to take credit for the work. If you are good with spinning things on a grand scale – offer ghostwriting services. Of course, this work does not bring glory, but it does bring finances.


5. Become A Writer Yourself!

If your dreams are vivid, and your notebook is full of images and ideas – write a book yourself. Now, many indie writers are launching their work. You can slowly start gaining experience by joining a community of writers and participating in editing, beta-reading and ghostwriting projects. In book writing, you would need all the skills listed above – the ability to promote, to do exhaustive research and compose texts that inspire. But you will surely become an awesome writer after all the hard work you did!


There are many more opportunities for people with good language skills out there. Your homework is to do research, determine your strong points and learn to pitch your ideas to potential clients. Never regret your education. And good luck!

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