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Posted: 09.27.2018

As the work environment evolves into freelancing and telecommuting, the need for convenient, comfortable and attractive workspaces are going to arise. The Annual Global Survey conducted by Deskmag shows that the appeal for co-working is on the up. This means that, in the future, co-working spaces might outstrip traditional office spaces, in demand.

However, the need remains for those who want to create an extensive home office workspace to work in, or those using the home office to bootstrap their start-up.

How do I create a great home office workspace? The following tips should be helpful.

Regardless of the qualities you'd want for your office space, stand-out attributes would include comfort, convenience, attractive, airy, appealing, easy, flexible, productive and spick. To achieve these objectives, we look at some of the things you can do.


What is your dominant work activity?

If you are primarily engaged in writing or scripting communication deliverables for a blog or an editorial, then a pristine, compact-sized table with the minimum of space to place the bare necessities could be ideal. However, if your role involves collaborating with the team to peruse or oversee design outlines, architectural drawings or mapped-out projections toward future milestones, having a standard-sized surface would be more to your convenience.

The acquisition of a convenient surface for work is going to be dependent on your dominant work activity. As artist, designer, building construction expert, landscape designer and entrepreneur, Susan Theron puts it, "You don't want to have a coffee-sized table that's limiting, when for a few extra dollars, you could have picked an ideal platform.


Breezy and well-ventilated

A home office passes the mark for convenience when the user acknowledges that he has somewhere to go and hide, for long durations, without a loss in comfort. This can only be achieved through an apparently well-ventilated spot. If you don't feel deterred to incur additional expenses, a cooling unit (or a heating unit - for the cold weather!) would be an ideal fit, to keep the body temperature at the desirable level to motivate work. In addition to plugging fresh oxygen into the betting rooms, casino operators also carry out this trick.


Premium lighting, ambience and balance

Everyone would probably like to be on the film set of Star Wars – compact, stylish, and alluring. However, we do not have to part with a similar budget to achieve these desirables. So, how do we create a similar environment? Premium lighting.

Superior lighting, in addition to designing a well-ventilated area are the supreme characteristics that make a place worth spending time in. Interior decorator and spatial expert, Naomi Whitehouse, says she always explains to clients, “If you've gotten the ventilation already worked out, the next thing you would want to put out the most cash, after the table top and sitting place, should be lighting.

There are several combinations of offers from Lighting companies and lighting designed to get the best out of your workspace. Pick a premium lighting arrangement to achieve ambience and balance between artificial and natural lighting.


Blocking out interruptions and distractions

As earlier explained, some home workspaces involve users bringing half-completed work from the office, or a location to create an effective start-up.

With these in mind, it is important that the home office is in an area which is completely free from distractions and interruptions. These are areas set up so users are at their most productive when in this space. So, these spaces should be selected with these in mind.

The best areas are those far from the door, and located where other housemates cannot access easily. Put up signs, barricades or …., to signify This is a restricted zone, and enforce these continually. Freelance graphic artist and designer, Caroline Cole suggests, “Reward house members if you have to, for obeying the restricted zone law. Seduce, cajole them. Get them to understand you have to achieve results. Much more than your income is dependent on this; your happiness too.


Proximity to important items

It’s most likely, that the tip below has been touched upon by every articles on ideas for an effective home office. However, it needs enforcing again.

The idea surrounding ensuring convenience to items used frequently at the workplace is reflected on how the most important and time-sensitive items are arranged on an office desk (i.e. in the traditional office), and is most likely the source of inspiration to having projects we are currently working on, on the desktops of our computers.

Without creating the feeling of being clustered, items needed in the home office should be within reach for convenience. Freelance writer, Laura Spencer recalls vividly an incident when she had just culled out an editorial, and to meet the magazine print deadline, needed to use the plagiarism software on one of her laptops. After an evening of video editing, Frank, her husband had forgotten to bring the laptop from the basement, and had erroneously driven to get groceries, with the key to the basement in his pocket!

She says Writing Peak saved her. And states, “That is how important it is to have the items you need around you. Being productive might depend on it."

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