How to Start a Freelance Writing Business

Posted: 11.16.2018

If you're a natural born writer, want to make a ton of money out of your talent, and don’t want a boss or line-manager telling you what to do each day, then you should consider starting a freelance writing business of your own. Just the thought of doing so might be a scary concept, but getting the ball rolling with your writing-business-owning dream doesn't necessarily have to be a complicated venture. Well, it doesn't have to be as tough a task as it sounds, anyway!

Here’s what you need to do to really get going with your life’s goal:
Create your own blog
Your first step might not be straight into the world of business, but it’s a step you must take all the same — you have to build some authority for yourself, which means you have to create your own personal blog. On this blog, you should begin to upload written posts about topics that truly enthuse you. Don’t get caught up in trying to make this blog perfect — all that matters is that you upload relevant written posts consistently.
Submit as a guest on other blogs
You really need to force your talents and services out into the world if you want to stand any chance of creating a freelance writing business. For this reason, you can't just sit around waiting for hits on your own blog; you also have to get out there and submit guest posts on other blogs. You won’t get paid for doing so, but you’ll give yourself the chance to showcase your skills and advertise your own blog through backlinks.
Get in touch with local businesses
Once you’ve built for yourself a solid body of online work for people to refer back to, you should start offering your services to local businesses. Start off small, not charging too much for each piece that you provide. Nobody is going to pay you big bucks when they don't know what kind of results your writing will produce for them.
Create a business website, and make sure it ranks
As soon as your startup begins to garner a bit of momentum in the world of writing for different businesses, you have to set about making your operation more professional. This means moving away from your blog, moving away from your social media page, and creating a website for it.
As a busy writer, chances are, you haven't had the time in the past to really study the ins and outs of Google’s algorithms. Whether this is, in fact, the case or not, you have to make sure that your company website ranks and that a steady and consistent audience is being attracted to it at all times. To ensure this is the case, you should align yourself with an organized SEO company such as Parxavenue who will be able to boost your SEO and ultimately your SERPs. Once this stage is covered, you’ll be well on your way to forging a true identity and brand for your business. If you're serious about starting your own freelance writing business, then you need to take the above advice seriously.

Use social media to your advantage
After following and friending all the people and organizations you feel could benefit from your services on social media, you should leave statuses asking if anybody needs a writer. If nobody responds, don't be afraid to post your credentials again, and again, and again.

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