Improving Your Breaks for Better Productivity

Posted: 01.04.2019

Breaks are imperative for productivity. The human brain cannot focus on the same mental tasks for considerable periods of time. Physical labor can be done on autopilot, where your body moves according to muscle memory and therefore gives your mind the freedom to roam. When you work in an office, however, all of your attention must be on the task at hand. It can cause mental strain and even fatigue, and the best cure is to improve your break quality.

How Breaks Improve Productivity

There are five main ways of how taking a break boosts your productivity. From giving us a reprieve from a monotonous task to boosting oxygen production to the brain just by getting up and moving around a little, there are so many ways that breaks boost productivity.

Importance of Health to Your Break

Breaks help your physical and mental health, but only when they are done in a healthy manner. Taking a break every hour can boost productivity, but if you take many micro breaks, you can actually cause more problems for yourself in the long run.

Improving Your Breaks

As Business News Daily suggests, employers know that breaks improve productivity. Work with them on this note so that you can take the breaks you need, and then improve them from there by following these tips:

1.  Get Away from Your Workspace

Never take your break at your desk. Get up, go to the break room or outside, and generally find a new environment for you to relax in. If you see the work you have to do on your desktop, you cannot get the mental break you need.

2.  Get Active

Stretch, take the stairs, and generally try to get your blood pumping even just a little. Doing so will help oxygen flow to your brain and give you a mental boost you need, especially if you spend the whole morning sitting.

3.  Refuel

Refuel on more than coffee for longer term benefits. Eating healthily and drinking plenty of water can do wonders for improving your energy levels without the caffeine crash at the end. An excellent way to do this is to bring healthy meals you have made in advance to work with you.

4.  Have Fun

Having fun is the best cure for mental fatigue. It can help give your brain that much-needed break from the task you were working on beforehand, allowing you to return from your break that with a fresh mind. The shorter your break, the more fast-paced this fun will be, which is why mobile games are a great way to go. Play casino games on Unibet, for example, and you can be thrilled, have fun, and be fully engrossed in the activity until your break is over.
Breaks work with your brain, so don’t ignore them and do better with them. Improve your break’s quality and get more out of it, for the sake of your work ethic, and your mental wellbeing.

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