Virtual Assistant Testimonials

Thanks everyone for the wonderful testimonials... and good luck with your new jobs!
I was able to find a job I really enjoy with your site. I love your service and I have recommended to other people.
Thank you,
T. Cook

Thank you for your support. Due to your site I was able to get some contract work.
A. Deng
I got a customer service job. My first work at home job training starts in 2 days!
Thank you guys soooo much!
C. Johnson
I have been hired byxxxxxxxx and Associates - a consulting firm in Utah - which I got through your service! Thank you! this is the perfect at-home opportunity for me and I couldn't be happier. I will be sure to send ALL my friends to you guys! Thank you!
DoriAnn T.
I got a virtual assistant job with Nextxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx. It was job id# 9905. Your site is great and I am very excited about the new position!
I love your website! Finally, legitimate, virtual jobs all in one place. Thank you! Lisa.
I want to tell you thank you again for your encouragement. I applied for a position just a few days before my account was cancelled and the person called me two days later! I have already started working. And it's exactly what I was looking for. You know I tried FlexJobs for two years. And the onlycontact I got was a position that had 1400 applicants and they put me through three strenuous interviews before telling me I didn't make it to the fourth interview. I really appreciate you guys providing thoughtful andsincere consideration into the jobs that you post. I will definitely refer anyone who ask me to your site.
Thank you so much. I just got a job and since I was on the job board this month it paid off!!!
T. Snyder
I was able to find a PT position thru your website a couple months back, and now starting next month, that position will become full time! (which was my goal!)...
Thank you so much!
Brenda H.
Hello. I have been a huge fan of your corporation for quite some time now. It isfabulous.
Thanks again, keep up the good work.
Louise L.
Thank you so much!! I've enjoyed my time with VirtualAssistants , but have now found permanent employment. Thanks for all that you do!
Dana L.
Thank you - I have had great luck / I've been with the same company for 5 years :-)
J. McCarthy
I was able to touch base with her and I start tomorrow! Thanks so much for your time!
yes i did get a job!!! thanks so much! i will be back if i need another!
I did get the job… I start tomorrow… I have had very good luck with your site,… I tell everyone that is interested in working from home about it.  There are things for every profession.  I depend on your site for work because I don’t do much networking and it is fantastic that there are real jobs on your site with real people looking for virtual workers.

Thanks again,
Thank you so much, I got a great job as a result of being a member.

-Janet R.
I have found a job.  Thank you!
-Kerrie B. 

I have been a member of yours off and on for years. I love your site and can give accolades and the highest recommendation to anyone considering becoming a member. ROCKS! I got into this business (appointment setting services) through a position I acquired through you about 3 years ago! Now I have my own business and we are growing and expanding and looking for good people to join us. I am coming back to my roots here to fill that need. is the absolute best Internet site to locate a good position or to find good people for your company. Another big plus is the people who run the site are people you can count on! Thank you for putting me on this path to success!

Wishing you and Virtual Assistants all the best!
Trisha Donaldson
I have found 2 fantastic medical transcription jobs thanks to your boards and need to cancel my account.  Thanks for everything!
Terri Z. 
I got work from a dance studio in Hawaii. She saw my ad. I was also contacted by a financial group.
-Pamela S.
Thank you, I was able to get on and view the VA pages, I am totally impressed, I am ready to secure my business at home. I am quite anxious, because for the first time, in the last three months as I looked online for work at home businesses, this seem to be the most legitimate business that I have found.
Thank you for  your directions,
I have found consistent work through your website.
Anne T. 

I joined because I'm a widowed single Mom who needed to supplement her income. Parenting is all on me and a part-time job outside of my home - where I would need to obtain a sitter and pay them, too - wouldn't work for my situation. Within 2 months, I found a PT opportunity that I think will be more than a job. I'm training right now and I really believe I'm going to enjoy it. If I have to work PT, in addition to working FT, I'm glad it will be something I enjoy. If this job not work out for the long term or if I am possibly seeking FT employment, I would definitely renew my membership with and start looking again. I highly recommend it! I joined other work-at-home sites and had memberships for months, with nothing panning out. With this site, I applied and had contact with several employers before I found the right fit. Best of luck to all who are looking for a solid, dependable work at home opportunity!

Brenda M.
Thank you for your site and the great work you do. Keep up the good work.
-Thom E. 

I have found some wonderful jobs through your company and love your site. I have been a member off and on for awhile now and after signing up for your service yesterday, I was informed I got a job from off your website.Thank you for providing a great job search site and and may you and your families be blessed during the upcoming holidays.
-Jennifer J. 
I SO love your service! It helped me out a lot.
I've already joined twice, and I know I'll be back again! I'm so thankful for! I have two contact jobs--one I got the first time I joined and one I got this round. Thanks so much!
Hayley P.


I’ve had great success with VirtualAssistants in finding two great companies to work for. Lovely companies too – and I just received a raise from my Kentucky client!
Thanks so much,
Bev H.
I received a great client thanks to your site! We worked together for several months. I appreciate your great site. Keep up the good work.
Thanks! Rosie
I have recently joined the Virtual Assistant team and signed up for the monthly subscription to access job ads. However, thankfully I applied for an ad on this site and I received;the job within 3 days of sending in my resume/application. This is GREAT news!
Thank you,
Misty M.
Thank you for updating my account. I love Virtual Assistants - been with the same company for almost four years!  :-) Hope you have a great rest of the week too!
Thank you,

Got an inquiry from someone who was looking for a virtual assistant and he saw my ad on and may yet become a client!

So tickled by that.
Thanks again,
I have been sending all sorts of people to your site. I do believe it is the best resource out there for virtual jobs. I so appreciate that!

I have found a position that suits my needs.
Thank you for the very helpful site. I have recommended to everyone I know via Facebook and Twitter.


Thanks for everything.


I really appreciate the assistance your site has given me while trying to obtain Virtual Assistant work.
Thank you,
Thanks so much. Yeah, I almost gave up because I either was not finding what I liked, or was not located in the right area.  It finally happened. I went to a face to face interview the day after that, and they hired me on the spot.  I start on Monday.  I have to train at their facility for about a month, then I will be able to "work from home."  I feel so fortunate to have found your website.

As my subscription is ending soon, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I wanted to say thank you once more. You went above and beyond any expectations I had. If there is a way I can help you and your business, I'd be very happy to. Just ask. I am telling people about your website.
I wish for you - all of God's best.
Gratefully yours,
I definitely liked Virtual Assistants because clearly the jobs were REAL.  I believe that two of my friends also signed up right after I did when I recommended it due to the quality of jobs that were on the site. I certainly will subscribe again should I need more work.
Hi! I found a job thanks you guys! I really appreciate your service, it's absolutely fantastic.
Thanks very much!
Keara L.
Thanks love your website.  I trust it completely.  Have found some good short term jobs which is what I am looking for right now.

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year.
I have found work through your services and I am most appreciative. If I need to look for work in the future I will certainly contact you again.
Thank You,
Angela D.
I really like your site and tell people about it all of the time.My neighbor just joined. That is a good resource for jobs. I still have one I found on yoursite from 4 years ago.

I have gotten a job as a result of your website postings and it's permanent. If something happens where I need more work, I will certainly come back! Thanks for your help and have a nice holiday!
Aimee F
Virtual Assistants is the best VA web site out there. I have signed up several times and gotten responses from potential employers from my ad posting. It is such a great surprise to look in my email and find real career opportunities! I would highly recommend this site if you are looking for a position or looking for a VA.
Kelly Whitaker
I got a Data Entry position that allows me to work on my own time and get the extra money that I need.
Thank you,
Terri W. 
I signed up and paid for the access to the monthly job board and I am now employed. Thanks for your help and I loved this service. Will sign up again in thefuture.
I'm just sending a quick note to say, "Hi!"  I love your website and have followed it for quite some time, although I've only recently registered. BTW, after making a comment on FB, I'm now getting emails from family and friends requesting details about where I'm finding these jobs :)  You do have the best website I've seen that lists work@home opportunities!!!
Thank you!!!
Tammy S.
I got a part-time VA position (with room for growth) with a start-up out of the San Francisco Bay area.
Thank you,
Gerri M.
Hi! I just renewed my membership. Thank you! I love this site.

Have a terrific day!
I’ve only been with Virtual Assistants for about three (3) months.
I applied for a contract job that involved transcription from audio files, proofreading and editing.
I took the exam, about 3 hours in length, and submitted it to the manager of the QC team who was hiring.  I received my “Congratulations” email yesterday!  I passed the test and was being offered a virtual position with their company out of Pennsylvania.
I’ve been completing the necessary paperwork and downloading the information I need for training.  My training session is tomorrow.  I am excited for this opportunity!  I am going to do my best to excel at the job, meet the deadlines and become a valuable contract employee.
If for any reason, this does not work out for me or the company, I have Virtual Assistants to rely on to look for other contract jobs!
Thank you!
Gail M.
I enjoyed the membership, got a job. I appreciate your encouragement. Praise the Lord!
Thank you so much, I got the job. And a big Thank You to the staff/partners of I'm so excited that it's unexplainable. This is a part-time position. I will be looking for 1 or 2 more to fill-in my open schedule.
Jeanine J.
I joined because I liked the screening process they offer to eliminate all the bogus jobs that are out there. I placed my profile, got a few responses and then a few weeks later - the perfect fit. A local company contacted me to help grow their business and handle all their sales and customer service. It is part time so I also answered some ads and finally was contacted by another company who is a also good fit - customer service - so now my schedule is filled and I am making great income. Thanks, Virtual Assistants!
Christine A. 
I received a response from a company who wants me to take a transcribing test, which is wonderful. I couldn’t have done this without your support, thank you again so much!
Lisa K.
I rejoined your site late yesterday and last night, 2 hours later, I had a job with a very prestigious lawyer from Washington!!! I just can't believe your site. It's amazing and a job I have been looking for for years!!!!
I just can't believe I got a job within two hours of re-joining the site!!! You ought to offer an hourly membership your site is so successful at what it does! I'm just amazed and so happy. Thank you for being there and for having such a stellar site. I think I'll just maintain my membership so I can keep getting these fabulous jobs!
I have using your service for many years and always recommend to anyone who asks me about finding at home jobs that are real. Just want to let your know I like the new format, colors and additional listings per page that you have adopted. Good improvement.
Lynn F.
Thanks for your help.  I got a position as a freelance writer for a travel website.
Thank you,
I have been VERY happy with the service.  I have a 10 hour week VA contract position and have had several inquires on one time projects.  I just completed a small one time project.  I will be signing back up once my ducks are in a row with my account.  THANK YOU for the great service and opportunities.

Again...thank you!
Thank you for helping me to find a good job. I actually got two new jobs using your job board and if I am searching again I will come back.
Hello, my name is Tami and I would like everyone to know that the Virtual Assistants website is great. I have only subscribed to it for less than a month now and I have two different jobs online now. One is text chatting and one is answering calls and processing orders. Thank you for all the support and I will continue to visit the site.

Virtual Assistants has helped me so much and I promote it in my class (how to work at home). I have obtained 2 part time positions by coming to so a BIG THANKS to all of you that work so hard to help others like myself that want to work at home.

P. Hansen
First let me say that this company Virtual Assistants is not some fly by night place that takes your money and never produces anything. I was suspicious because we all have been taken for a ride, but the price was right and I thought OK one more time, we will try to find a real position where I can work for home and make money doing it. Guess what - the last time was the best, right from the start they had fresh new positions to choose from and the companies were legitimate places looking for people to do work from home. I actually started out doing some telemarketing from home just to bring in a paycheck every week, but I kept looking for what I really wanted, a secretarial position, and then in July of this year it happened I was hired and I have been working ever since. The thing that helped me was changing my resume to cater to the positions for work at home, I think I have 3 different resumes that I could send depending on what the position required. Keep looking you will find the job you are looking for and this is the place to do it, the people could not be nicer and they are here to help you. Use their expertise and talent, they want to help you.

Thank you,
M. Williamson
I received 2 part-time job offers through Virtual in the first month of my subscription. The jobs listed on Virtual Assistants are very legitimate (I was wary about scam work at home jobs). I am very happy with the job I accepted. I have recommended this site to my stay-at-home friends who want to earn extra income and still be home for their children.

I got a job from the website! I'd like to stay, but there's no need. Surely if something does happen, I will definately return. :O) But with the time being, can always look for a second job.. HEE!

I am employed and online now. Thank you most gratefully. This is such a needed and wonderful service that you offer. I have appreciated it so much.

Robbie D.
Your site is amazing! I'm am so amazed when you answer questions right away. You have done a wonderful job on this site. I've been an off and on member for years and it keeps getting better.

Again, thank you for all your support.

Sharon K.
I would like you to know that you have helped me more than you know, for so long I have searched for something that I could do at home that is honest. Thanks to your site I have finally found something that will be a good thing.

Thanks for your website,
I have had the dream to start my own own virtual administrative and marketing business for years. I wanted to make a success of my business, but I didn't have alot of cash to throw around. So I started looking into paid database sites. I found a couple that caught my interest and decided to try one. I was very put off by the service I had paid for. They promised so much and delivered nothing. The database was hardly ever updated and I ended up not even finding a job through that service before my time ran out.
Then I stumbled across I remember thinking that they offered alot more of their site to look at, so I had a good idea of what was available to me. So I decided to take one more chance and I purchased a password from I love the fact that the database is updated regularly.
The good news is that I found a wonderful part-time job through them. I work for a nice lady and I have projects that I do for others in her organization. I still look through their database on a regular basis, looking for other projects that I can do. I now have a couple of clients built up and I feel my business starting to grow slowly. I'm thankful to for all the helpful information and encouragement I received from them in the last year.
I have spent quite a few years looking for legitimate work to do at home and at one time found one, but after a year and a half, they decided to stop using home data entry operators. That was about 2 years ago, and I have been looking ever since. I was apprehensive about paying for a membership to your type of website, but something told me to go ahead and do it. Well, needless to say, it was the best move I have ever made. I have been offered jobs at 2 different companies that I contacted through your "hot telecommuting opportunities". I went from having no job to having 2 to choose from. I couldn't be more pleased with my results due to your organization. I have recommended you to several of my friends and just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your services and am very glad I decided to become a member.

Thank you,
W. Home
Hi there-

 You have helped me find work in legal transcription. YAY! I would like to refer a couple of friends/clients that I've told about your service. Thanks for your good work and help.
C. Schwartz
The following three testimonials are from Sue, one of our long term VA Members...

I have had my membership now for three years. Through that relationship I have gotten five vendors that I perform work from home for on a daily basis, and three of those relationships have existed for over a year. I'll have to say that my fee for this site is the best money I have invested in six years in finding work from home. I've been members of other paid and free sites, only to be disappointed. This is a great service. I don't know where you get your jobs, but keep up the good work.

 Sue R.

Again, I have to give a big thank you. I've written two testimonials to you in the past couple of years, but in 2004, I'll have to say you have the finest, legitimate listings on the web. I've referred six people to you to join this week alone because of all the work I'm getting from you. Ya'll are great. I've gotten two additional, great paying, virtual positions. I love it.

 Sue R.

Well, I guess I just need to duplicate this and send it every week. I had to share this success story with's amazing. I answered an ad that was on Virtual Assistants job board. I started at $25.00 a dictated hour, which wasn't great but he had alot of work and his money was good. Inside of two weeks, he raised me first to 30, week later to 45, finally to 50 an hour, for good quality, one-on-one, and 105. for multiple or difficult stuff. Had a really good thing going. The man pays (paypal) before I can get out of my email sending him an invoice. His work is wonderful.

Today, thanks to you guys, I got a permanent assignment from him, guaranteed a minimum of 1000. per week, and I can't sit still. I've written to you before and cannot say enough about the support, the feedback, the timeliness of your responses. The most professional organization I have ever come across, bar none. This has been the case since the beginning of my relationship with you. You hear so many horror stories about virtual employment, the scams, the disappointments, the lack of support - not here. Anything I can ever do for ya'll, email me. I can never express my gratitude enough for those of you who do such a spectacular job of screening ads and supporting your members here. You are so appreciated.

 Sue R. (Sue is a highly experienced transcriptionist and has been a Member for several years now. She is now transcribing television and radio shows.)
Recently I was contacted regarding my resume for bookkeeping and/or secretarial support by a Realtor whose office is approximately 30 miles from me. During a one hour meeting, we were able to work out details agreeable to both of us. Now I have my first work-at-home permanent job, in addition to running a home office for Kinney Remodeling, and the Realtor has peace of mind knowing she can devote her time to real estate and not bookkeeping details. Thanks!
S. Kinney
Thank you so much... I just want to say that I have a son with a congenital heart defect and I have been on government assistance since he was born because he can not be in daycare. I used to own a daycare and since having to close it, I have been really struggling, trying to find work from home that I could do while taking care of him. You have really been a light at the end of the tunnel for me. Thank you so much for the renewed feeling of hope and happiness that you have given me that I can have a career here at home.

Thanks so much,
H. Johnson
I joined your organization some time ago and really haven't had time until recently to review what you have and respond or receive a response from anything until last week. I responded to three ads, got two positive responses, have completed my first week with the first responder and am looking again for more work. I've been looking for legitimate telecommuting opportunities for 3 years now, have paid hundreds for useless lists and am really glad I found you. I've referred a lot of people to you and am really, really pleased with my experience thus far. The job is wonderful, the gentleman is honest, respectful, prompt and communicative, the work is better than described and there is opportunity there!
Thanks, I appreciate it.
C. Richardson
I am impressed! I have been on other sites and have bought their work at home job listings. I will be happy to tell you which companies. The jobs that they listed were not as extensive as this site and a lot of their listings were not updated and I was unable to apply for the jobs. I wish I could get my time and money back from them. Your site had everything. Thank you for not taking advantage of another person looking for a job.

Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you,
T. Burkholder
I have been employed as a researcher by one of the companies you listed. I am a recent college graduate and re-entering the work world after years of raising children. has enabled me to stretch my wings and find employment that will enable me to learn and make a name for myself. I will continue to use this service as the jobs listed are varied enough for someone like me to "test the water."

Thank you,
C. Anderson
Thank you for being a true, honest, and a legitimate work at home company for a stay at home, working mom, like me, and other stay at home, working moms, who just want to make some extra money in their spare time, also to be able to finally see the fruits (a check) of a work at home company come to fruition.

S. Butler